Grounded Podcast: Coyote Trails – Powered by the Sun

For 18 years, Coyote Trails has been helping Oregon families – and beyond – reconnect with nature. From day classes to summer camps to overnight wilderness courses, Coyote Trails wants Oregonians of all ages to better understand and care for the environment around them.

In 2015, Coyote Trails became powered by the sun – thanks to a large solar pavilion installation at the School of Nature in Medford, Oregon. The Oregon Department of Energy was proud to support the project with a Renewable Energy Development Grant.

On this episode of Grounded, Coyote Trails Nature Center Director Molly Kreuzman and True South Solar Owner/Sales Manager Shawn Schreiner tell us about Coyote Trails’ solar pavilion project, and how it has helped the nonprofit achieve “net zero” electricity while offering important educational opportunities to Coyote Trails students.

Learn more about Coyote Trails on their website, True South Solar can be found at